Hidden treasures of Skiathos

Explore the best kept hidden treasures of Skiathos, where it’s only accessible off-road or by boat

4x4 Jeep Safari

Travel through the pine covered Skiathos island with a 4×4 safari tour. Immerse yourself in an approximately 8-hour magnificent journey uncovering Skiathos’ lush scenery, enchanting nature and its cultural history. Explore Skiathos’ best kept hidden treasures, where it’s only accessible off-road. The 4×4 safari tour with several stops around the island, guest pick up is available for free, refreshing drinks and lunch is provided after the day trip.

Mikros Aselinos

A beautifully secluded pebble terrain beach with clear blue water. Explore the unique Taverna decorated with driftwood nearby.

Kechria Beach

The island hideaway tucked for a refreshing dip. A hidden beach under the pine forest wilderness.

Parissis Winery

Experience wine tasting in this first Skiathian vineyard. Delight your senses in varieties of locally produced red and white wine surrounded with a landscape view of Skiathos.

Agios Alexandros

A hidden peaceful landmark only accessible by 4×4. Capture a breathtaking view of Skiathos from this Cycladic style church. 

Monastery Ag. Evangelistrias

The enchanting landmark from both religious and historical perspectives. Purchase carefully handmade items such as olive oil, honey, marmalades  made by the monks.

The old medieval city of Skiathos

Immerse in a peaceful atmosphere of Kastro, while relieving its history of this former medieval city of Skiathos back in the 14th century. 

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